• Applying Smart City Technology in

    a Rural Context

    We are a user owned, agriculture focused Cooperative, delivering true "outside in" Rural Digital Connectivity to allow technology to deliver improvements for residents and businesses in the rural setting.


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  • We need your ideas

    We are looking for ideas on how we can help you, the farming community, transform your businesses through the gathering and use of data, making your farms more sustainable, profitable, environmentally sound and attractive places to work.


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  • We Are Live!

    Range of LoRaWAN Base Stations are now up and running along with off-grid infrastructure.

    Core barn mounted base stations being deployed.

    • Makes good use of existing infrastructure.
    • No interference with ongoing farm operations.
    • Already has Known to Work (KtW) sensors deployed.
    • Using LoRaWAN and TTN makes it ideal for Proof of Concept and Citizen Science applications.

    Coverage looks good.

    • Walk underway and plans for final infill being formed.
    • Building sensor inventory for demonstration.
    • App being built to show rural security sensors in operation.
    • Compiling local community Use Cases 


    Off Grid Base Station now live.

    • SmartRural is targeting rural deployment.
    • This requires off grid capability to cover areas away from mains power.
    • Off Grid Base Station #02 - solar and wind power.
    • Suitable for FWA, 4G & 5G stack deployment
  • The Challenges

    Are our rural challenges truly unique?

    Rural communities face numerous challenges.

    • Ageing population, delivery of services, low citizen engagement
    • Need for economic growth, reducing budgets
    • Need for greater efficiency in agriculture
    • Out-migration of young people

    How can technology help us meet these challenges?

    Many of the core issues are common - City and Rural

    • Environmental
    • Social
    • Economic 

    If that is the case why not look to common solutions?

    "Rural - it's just a low density city."

    Angus Watson NHS Highland

    The underpinning purposes of the technologies are the same:

    • Measuring & generating data
    • Communicating the data
    • Analysis of the data
    • Making decisions and taking action

    Geography and the dispersal of its population, livestock, assets etc. are the things that define the rural context.

  • Our Solution

    Using technology and a cooperative commercial model to deliver answers


    Cooperative ownership is key

    To drive the growth of the infrastructure there needs to be ownership and pull from the communities and rural stakeholders - hence a cooperative has been formed as part of SAOS.


    The user owned co-operative manages site acquisition through its members' own land ownership.

    Pilot Scheme - Tried and Tested Technology

    The purpose of the Pilot is not to innovate on the communications technologies, but to engage with our community and get them to use it.

    The pilot will put the infrastructure in place to allow use of the communications technologies. Broadband through Wireless Internet (up to 30Mbps) and LoRaWAN will allow rapid deployment and stakeholder/community engagement through upfront data flow.

  • The Living Laboratory

    The Pilot Programme will engage with its community and test the feasibility of the SmartRural model before it is rolled out nationally.

    Where are we?

    North East Scotland - Stonehaven

    Defined by the catchment area of the rivers flowing into the Stonehaven bay.

    Includes 120 km2 of mixed use and varied topography land.

    Who is our community?

    A town of 10,000 with fibre & 4G, a rural community of 900 dreaming of consistent 1Mbs broadband and 3G indoors.

    A mixture of agriculture, business and residential properties with a variety of personal and commercial needs and desires that can be addressed through technology - if the infrastructure is in place.

    Day 1 Projects

    ​Showing how it works and engaging the community

    Engaging with the community and stakeholders to demystify technology and to show how easy it is to get involved and do something.

    • Rural security;
    • Livestock monitoring;
    • "Lick & stick" river level monitoring;
    • Drone gathered data.

    Bigger challenges

    Tackling bigger challenges through hacks and competitions

    Working with the community and stakeholders to identify some key challenges that can then be given to the innovators to generate solutions:

    • Combatting digital exclusion;
    • Increasing flooding resilience;
    • Curtailing out-migration of young people;
    • Creation of new rural employment opportunities.
  • How can you get involved?

    SmartRural is driven by its community

    Pilot Area Residents and Businesses

    Are you interested in Stonehaven?

    If you live in the pilot area or feel strongly about its challenges and its future, then we'd like to hear from you.


    Do you provide services to the pilot area?

    Do you provide services to the residents and businesses; are you accountable for the environment and amenities; do you have a responsibility for the development of the community or groups within it? We'd like to hear from you.

    Technology and solution providers

    Might you have the answer to our challenges?

    If you have technology that you think can form part of the solution for our communities we'd love to hear from you and explore if it can be deployed in the Living Laboratory.

  • Contact Us

    Any question or suggestion - please get in touch.